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Man Drives Around School Bus, Injures Mother and Child

Best VA school bus accident injury attorneyA 3-year-old Head Start student and her 21-year-old mother suffered severe injuries when a driver attempted to drive around a stopped school bus and hit them on Pinckney Road in Chester County, South Carolina (SC). The victims of the April 7, 2016, pedestrian crash had to be airlifted to a hospital for lifesaving treatment.

Police and eyewitnesses confirmed that the bus driver had extended the driver's side stop sign and switched on the flashers. All drivers who see those signals are required to stop and yield right of way to every pedestrian walking to or from the school bus, and also to remain stopped until the bus has moved off and the roadway is clear. This nearly fatal crash in South Carolina highlights some of the worst that can happen when individuals in cars and trucks negligently or recklessly ignore the requirement to stop for loading and unloading school buses.

The at-fault driver now faces multiple charges, and news reports quote several people stating their hopes that the incident will remind everyone of the need to act cautiously around school buses. No matter how those criminal and traffic violations get adjudicated, he likely bears civil liability for injuring the young mother and her daughter. To the extent possible, he should be held accountable for paying compensation and damages so that the victims of his unsafe actions behind the wheel do have to pay all the financial costs of their unexpected and preventable injuries. 


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