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Man Faces Long Recovery After Brain Injury Suffered By Fall

brain injury va lawyersA former National Guard member is still recovering seven years after a serious fall accident during a military training left him with a traumatic brain injury and changed his life forever. The fall accident took place as the military unit was preparing to be deployed to Iraq. While one report says he fell over 80 feet, striking objects on his way down, another report says he fell about 50 feet. Either way, he landed on his head, breaking his jawbone, cheekbone, and eye socket as well as suffering a life-threatening head injury.

Adam Ohman was in a coma for a month, had a permanent feeding tube placed in his stomach, and wasn’t given much of a chance of full recovery. However, in the last seven years he has made more progress than anyone could have hoped for. Though he still struggles with language, speech, and cognition, the man has attended college, holds down a job, and has married the woman he loves.


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