Man Hit and Killed by Train in Boston

A man was struck and killed by a commuter train in Boston, Massachusetts (MA) on December 26. MBTA Transit Police in Boston said that they received a call that a man was hit by the Orange Line train at 6:30 pm.

His identity was not released, but he was said to be a white male about 30 years old. Police stated that the man was trespassing on the tracks when the tragedy occurred.

As personal injury attorneys representing train and truck accident victims, we have seen many fatalities occur on and near train tracks. In the majority of these cases, the fault lies with the driver or the pedestrian involved.

Being a train crash victim is avoidable. First of all, walking down a train track is incredibly dangerous and illegal. Assuming that you can hear a train coming is a mistake. Modern trains can be quieter than you think, and it is easy to become distracted as you walk along the tracks.

For drivers, remember that it takes at least a mile for a train to come to an emergency stop in most cases.

Last, trains do not usually run on set schedules if they are carrying cargo rather than passengers. So, it is never ‘safe’ to walk on train tracks.

We deeply regret the loss of life in this sad accident, and hope that it serves as a warning to pedestrians to never trespass on train tracks.


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