Man Hit, Injured Pushing Disabled Vehicle Off Suffolk Road

A man pushing a disabled vehicle off the road near the Suffolk, Virginia (VA), intersection of East Washington Street and Hollywood Avenue on the night of March 24, 2016, suffered injuries that required hospital treatment when an SUV struck him. The SUV also impacted the broken-down vehicle, which caused injuries to passengers.



Details on the combined pedestrian-car accident in Suffolk remain scant, but the incident appears to have started as a rear-end collision. Perhaps the person behind the wheel of the SUV became distract and took their eyes off the road ahead. The SUV driver might also have been speeding. Either scenario could have left the person unable to recognize and respond to the hazard in time to avoid the crash.

Drivers must always stay alert for unexpected obstacles and changes in traffic flows. Even momentary lapses in attention can set the stage for wrecks that leave other people hurt, disabled or dead. Additionally, drivers who do spot situations like a disabled vehicle in a travel lane must stop or change lanes in order to give the people in the nonworking car or truck time and space to get to safety.

The victims of the Suffolk crash are expected to recover physically, which is good news. Still, what is known about the collision leads to the suspicion that the crash need not have happened if everyone on the road had exercised sufficient care and caution.


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