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Man Jumps Off Bridge to Avoid Jack Knifed Trailer

A Jackson, Ohio man who jumped off the bridge wall on US 35 in Chillicothe to avoid being run over by a tractor trailer fell 30 feet and died from the fall.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that the crash occurred west of the US 35 and 50 exchange at 6 am Nov. 10.

The victim of the fall had stopped his disabled car on the road along the bridge. The driver of a tractor trailer lost control of the vehicle, striking two other vehicles, sending them careening towards the driver of the disabled car, who had exited his vehicle. He jumped over the side of the bridge to prevent being run over.

As truck accident personal injury attorneys in Virginia, we are very familiar with unsafe truck drivers and vehicles leading to needless tragedies. We have seen many truck accidents caused by negligence to maintain the tractor trailer, as well as carelessness by the driver. Also, we have seen many truck accidents caused simply by the trucker driving too many hours and falling asleep at the wheel. In one case, we settled for $3.5 million for aclient who was trapped in a car when it was rear ended by a truck. Our client died in the resulting fire.

Whatever the cause of this crash, it is a potent reminder of the need for truck drivers to be extra cautious behind the wheels of their 80,000 pound vehicles.


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