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Man Pleads Guilty in Virginia Beach DUI Crash

A 25 year-old man in Virginia Beach pleaded guilty earlier this month to charges related to a DUI crash in January that left his passenger permanently injured.

The crash happened in Virginia Beach on Jan. 4 on Lynnhaven Parkway, which is at the base of the I-264 overpass.

Police stated that the man was driving his Nissan 350Z and exiting I-264. He lost control and slammed into a jersey wall and the concrete support for the overpass. He was charged with DUI Maiming, DUI 2nd Offense, Refusal, and Suspended Operators License.

In December 2014, the man also pled guilty to similar charges related to a Dec. 5 crash. He will be sentenced for both incidents in July.

His passenger was severely injured in the January crash. He is currently unable to communicate or perform any daily living functions on his own.

Our personal injury law firm always hates to see innocent lives ruined or ended by foolish drunk drivers. That is why our legal team only represents the victims of drunk drivers, not the drivers themselves.

We find that many families of victims are not really aware that they can and should sue the guilty drunk driver in civil court for damages. After all, no matter how many years the drunk driver goes to jail, that will never bring the victim back to life, or heal his injuries.

If your loved one is hurt by a drunk driver, you should have a personal injury lawyer identify all possible sources of insurance recovery. That way, you can likely receive compensation for your loved one’s injuries and medical expenses. In the worst drunk driving cases, you sometimes can even win punitive damages if the drunk driver is found in court to have been grossly negligent.

Suing a drunk driver in civil court can bring a small measure of justice to someone whose life has been marred by the foolish actions of another party. Such lawsuits also serve as a warning to other drivers to never drive drunk – ever.



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