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Maryland Bishop Charged in Deadly DUI Hit and Run

A leader in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland is being charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI as well as other counts, related to a deadly hit and run crash that killed a biker on a sunny day in late December.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Bishop Suffragan Heather Cook, who had a blood alcohol level of .22 after the crash. This is almost three times the legal limit in Maryland.

Cook was driving a car that fatally injured a 41 year-old biker on Dec. 27. The man died from severe head injuries at a hospital.

According to police, the bishop left the scene of the accident and then returned after a few minutes.

A witness stated that he also was biking in the area, and he came upon the fatally injured biker, and he called 911. He then went searching for the car, and found it about 100 yards away at a traffic light. The windshield was smashed in and was damaged, and he was sure that was the car.

The woman then returned to the crash scene and spoke to the police. The police then searched her car and found bottles of wine, liquor and marijuana.

The bishop has also served in Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.

We send our sincere condolences to the family of this man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As drunk driving personal injury lawyers, we know all too well the terrible consequences of drinking and driving. In 2008, we settled a drunk driving case for $112,000, where our clients were rear ended by a drunk driving in Fairfax County VA. We hope that the family of the deceased in this case retains the services of a top-notch personal injury attorney and receives the financial justice they richly deserve.


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