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Maryland Police Officer, Accident Caused While Driving Under the Influence in Patrol Car

Police officers are often held to a higher standard than regular citizens when it comes to traffic infractions.  From time to time off duty police officers are even caught driving under the influence.  This seems even more terrible since they have firsthand knowledge of the devastation a drunk driver can cause to families.  This time a Frederick, Maryland (MD) police officer is accused of driving under the influence while in his patrol car and leaving the scene of an accident.  

As a Virginia (VA) car accident injury attorney who has seen a lot of crazy car accident scenarios this one even got my head shaking.
Luckily the intoxicated officer only hit a guard rail and not another car but what happens if you do get injured in a car accident when police are involved?  Say for instance that a vehicle refused to pull over during a traffic stop and hits your car while trying to avoid police.  Many people may be intimidated and confused if they find themselves in this situation.  Since every case is different-an experienced injury attorney needs to sort it out, and more than one party may have responsibility.  We also represented a motorcycle passenger that was severely injured in head-on accident with a police officer and we helped them recover $1,512,000. 

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