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Massive Accident on West Virginia Bridge Injures Over Twenty Motorists

What Happened: A rainy evening saw a huge car accident take place on the Nitro-St. Albans Bridge in Nitro, West Virginia (WV), according to The enormous accident involved 34 vehicles and injured twenty-two motorists and passengers, with nine of them being transported to a local hospital for their injuries. An emergency responder claimed it was the worst accident he had seen in West Virginia. The bridge was closed for several hours following the pile-up; emergency responders were on hand to provide food, water and transportation off the blocked bridge, as many motorists were on their way to a local high school graduation. 


The multi-car accident took place on the Nitro-St. Albans Bridge, pictured here:

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Multi-car crashes are often terrible affairs, and it is incredibly fortunate that nobody died in this one. A few months ago there was a terrible pileup in Virginia involving nearly 100 cars that killed three people. While the exact cause of the bridge accident reported above is unclear at this time, we know that weather conditions were unfavorable at the time, so it may have been that a motorist or several motorists were operating their cars irresponsibly given the rain and water on the bridge; as one responder mentioned, many tractor-trailer operators do not drive their trucks safely in such conditions. 


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