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Medical Negligence Led to Birth Defects and Malpractice Suit

What Happened

This isn’t your traditional child birth story with ecstatic parents holding their new born baby, instead it begins in a hospital Neonatal ICU, where the baby lies on a warmer with tubes and beeping machines keeping him alive.

It started with the mother’s obstetrician decided to excessively and unnecessarily use the drug Pitocin, a synthetic drug used to mimic a mother’s natural hormones during labor. It is intended to help initiate the labor when it won’t happen naturally. In this case the obstetrician used the drug to try and rush along the labor; this error resulted in a dysfunctional 28 hour labor that caused severe complications for the baby. The Pitocin caused the mother to have severe contractions and the pressure damaged the baby’s brain.

Since the birth, the mother has brought a medical malpractice claim against the obstetrician and received a just settlement for the lifetime of extensive care that will be required throughout the child’s life.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Pregnancy and child birth are dangerous times for mothers and developing babies, even with the medical care that is available today. Deciphering unavoidable problems from those caused by negligence is a delicate task that requires the help of medical experts. The Institute of Medicine found that up to 98,000 Americans die every year from preventable medical errors in hospitals alone.

The day your child is born should be a time of celebration and happiness. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, with many children or their mothers being hurt or made unhealthy by the negligence of medical staff. If your doctor made a mistake during the birth of your child, it is important to work with an experienced Virginia (VA) birth injury lawyer who can help you hold the negligent doctor accountable for his or her actions. Our medical malpractice attorneys can provide legal council to victims that have experienced injury or death as a result of mistakes made by doctors, medical staff, hospitals, and other medical specialists. Our firm has a great deal of experience handling malpractice lawsuits with an exemplary track record in favor of our clients.

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