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Mesothelioma Lawsuit Ends with $1.4 Million Award

A mesothelioma lawsuit in New York City filed against John Crane Inc. resulted in a $1.4 million award to the family of a man who died from mesothelioma after he was exposed to asbestos fibers on the job. The man died two years ago.

The lawsuit alleged that the man was exposed to asbestos in his work on boiler gaskets for John Crane in the 1960s and 1970s. The award was in favor of the plaintiffs, but it could be that Crane will end up with no liability after settlements with the other defendants are reached.

Mesothelioma lawsuits often name several defendants. That is due to the fact that mesothelioma can take many years to show up. In that time, the person could be exposed to asbestos in many ways.

We are mesothelioma lawyers in Virginia, usually specializing in railroad industry cases. Many of our clients have been told that they have mesothelioma years after they retired, and it is devastating. This asbestos cancer is very painful and has no cure.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with this disease and worked in the past for a railroad company should speak to an asbestos cancer attorney. It is important for you to do so early because we have seen much evidence that shows that many railroad companies knew of the health hazards of asbestos many years ago, yet they failed to improve worker conditions.

Some companies knew back in the 1930s that asbestos could cause serious disease. It seems that these companies wanted to downplay the risks associated with asbestos. Unfortunately, this reluctance to deal with serious safety issues caused many workers to develop deadly diseases, many years after they stopped working.


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