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Mesothelioma Victim Wins $13 Million Judgment from Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive recently was found to be mostly responsible for the mesothelioma cancer of a Santa Barbara CA woman who once worked in a cosmetics manufacturing plant. The company was ordered to pay out a total of $13 million, including $1.4 million to her husband for medical bills, pain and suffering, and economic losses.

The woman was exposed to asbestos fibers in the company’s products that contained talcum powder, including the product Cashmere Bouquet. Talc is one of the softest minerals and is used in many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Settlements have been paid in the past to factory workers who worked with talcum powder.

The plaintiffs in this case had tests performed on talcum powder from the company, including samples from products 50 years old as well as newly made products. Asbestos fibers were found in the products made decades ago that were made at the factory at which the woman in the suit worked.

The jury in this case deliberated for two hours and concluded that Colgate-Palmolive had been negligent in how it designed and manufactured Cashmere Bouquet and did not disclose the dangers of the powder to its workers.

Our personal injury lawyers at our Virginia legal practice often work on mesothelioma cases that usually involved former railroad and train company workers. Just as with the above case, many railroad companies have hidden the truth about the dangers of working in a railroad and train environment.

Many crew cabs of diesel engines and other train-related workplaces were in the past laden with asbestos. Long term exposure to that substance can lead to mesothelioma years later, which is a horrible lung cancer that cannot be cured. Long term exposure to diesel fumes also can lead to lung cancer.

Our client in one case worked with a railroad for 35 years, and was exposed to asbestos and diesel fumes in diesel engines. He also thought he was exposed to asbestos fibers in hotels that he stayed in as part of his employment. He eventually developed mesothelioma, and our legal team led by Richard Shapiro eventually reached a confidential settlement in the case with the railroad company.

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