Recently, a southern Florida jury returned a $3.6 million verdict in favor of a 57-year-old woman diagnosed with mesothelioma asbestos lung cancer, after she worked briefly at two automobile dealerships, one being Ford Motor Company. The verdict was returned against Ford Motor Company and one asbestos manufacturer. The plaintiff, Linda Daly, worked at Ford dealerships in 1978 and then again in 1987 but only a year at a time at each dealership. Because she worked as a warranty clerk, her desk was in the service bay area and she was very close to where the work was done on brakes. The other asbestos defendant manufactured brake shoes with asbestos. Ford Motor Company apparently knew about the asbestos brake dangers but failed to warn and protect consumers or workers like the warranty clerk who brought the suit.


Mesothelioma is a terrible form of cancer with no known cure. Most persons diagnosed with this terrible cancer only live six months, but with new therapies of patients are now living up to 24 months after a diagnosis. Still, there is no cure for mesothelioma cancer.  The plaintiff’s attorney also noted that her husband worked on cars at their house and she may have been exposed to asbestos containing brakes at home, due to her husband’s work with these asbestos containing brakes at home. The thought was to convince the jury that she was exposed not only at her home but also at the Ford dealerships. The jury returned a verdict against both Ford and the asbestos brake manufacturer.


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