Minivan Jumps Curb, Injures Groundskeeper in Suffolk, VA

A man doing work on the grounds of a Baptist church off Holland Road in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment when a minivan ran off the road, jumped a curb and struck him. The pedestrian accident occurred around noon on March 12, 2016.



The out-of control driver stopped and remained on the scene, where police charged her with reckless driving. News reports do not include details on why the woman left the roadway and drove across a sidewalk before hitting the groundskeeper. Possible explanations include becoming distracted behind the wheel or making an unsafe lane change. As a traffic violation, "reckless" can describe any any driving at a “speed or in a manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.”

The injured man is expected to recover, but his situation highlights the dangers all people who work beside a road or highway face from inattentive and careless drivers. Even a small car weighs more than a thousand pounds, and the force it can deliver in a crash increases as its speed rises. Sadly, tow truck drivers, road crew members, police officers and emergency medical services personnel die in avoidable roadside crashes many times each year. 


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