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An avid moped enthusiast is proposing the state of North Carolina (NC) change its definition of mopeds to make the road a safer place for moped riders.

As the statute stands now a moped is classified to have 50cc’s or less and not exceed 30 mph on level ground. The new proposition argues that this standard defies logic. An example given was if you have the same 50cc moped and have two different riders, one who weighed 120lb and another 250lb that the speed of the vehicle would fluctuate greatly between the two. The main concern is that the slow speed of mopeds limits the ability to blend in with traffic, making it dangerous to ride.

The new proposition states that with registration and insurance the definition of a moped can be modified to a 150cc motor and the maximum speed limit removed. This would allow for mopeds to keep up with the flow of traffic and make a much safer environment. Mopeds would no longer be “in the way” or impede the flow of traffic. The lack of overall speed and acceleration can put riders in dangerous situations.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

In the past few years mopeds have becoming increasingly popular, from the enjoyment of riding and even as an economical alternative due to the rise in gas prices. Unfortunately, the number of accidents involving mopeds has also risen. Because of their small size and the nature of car/moped collisions, the driver of the moped or scooter often ends up seriously injured or killed. In 2009 The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s “Traffic Crash Facts” stated there were 455 reported crashes in the state involving at least one motor vehicle and a moped. In these moped accidents, seven riders were killed and 45 were seriously injured. In July of last year a man in Wilmington was seriously injured while riding his moped at night when a car made a left-hand turn and pulled out directly in front of him.

If you or a loved one has been hurt while riding a moped, do not hesitate to contact our firm now. We are experienced North Carolina (NC) personal injury and wrongful death lawyers with an excellent track record. In a previous case we represented a couple riding a moped that was rear ended by a vehicle. The impact knocked the passenger off the moped, and then the car ran her over inevitably causing her death. Our client died the next day due to her injuries. The defendant admitted to taking his eyes off the road before the impact. Our firm was able to settle this case prior to trail resulting in a favorable outcome for the family members of the decedent. 

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