More Injuries Occur with Virginia Public Sector Workers than Private Sector Workers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Many people say the private sector does things better than the government, but does the private sector actually do things safer? Well, studies indicate 5 out of every 100 employees in state and local government in Virginia (VA) suffer an injury compared to only 3 out of every 100 employees in the private sector, according to the Virginia Department of Labor. Furthermore, the multiple-fatality rate is 22 percent higher in government work-related accidents than the private sector.

What do these numbers really mean? Should government workers flee their current job for private sector employment under the guise of personal safety? Probably not; especially in this economy.

A more realistic explanation is the level of reporting injuries is higher in the public sector than the private sector due to more regulation and oversight.

If you decide to file a claim is against a government entity in Virginia (VA), you must file a written notice within six months of the date you were suffered your injury. The notice needs to contain specific information relating to the nature of the injury and claim, and it needs to be filed with someone designated by law.

If you file a claim directly against the Commonwealth you have more time to file the written claim – one year after your injury. This document needs to be sent to the State Director of the Division of Risk Management or the Attorney General. Essentially, this means you have to file both a lawsuit and a notice of claim with two different filing deadlines.

You should speak with an experienced injury attorney about your claim to get legal advice and the best way to proceed.