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When a passenger car is hit by a commercial truck, the results can be devastating. The sheer weight and size of these vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries and damage. Our Virginia truck accident attorneys have successfully represented many truck accident victims and their families and understand how devastating these injuries can be.

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There are four common types of truck accidents which occur every day on our nation’s highways. These include:

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are the most common type of truck crash that happens. This is when the truck rolls over or lands on its side. Rollover crashes often happen because a truck driver was traveling too fast while traveling along a sharp curve. These accidents also happen if the truck driver overcorrects the wheel. Even empty tractor-trailers are at risk of rolling over when the truck is traveling through an area with high winds.

Rollover accident injuries occur when the truck lands on vehicles that are nearby or if by vehicles crashing into the disabled truck.




Tire Blowout Accidents

When a truck tire blows, the driver often loses control of the vehicle. Truck blowouts may be a result of a tire defective, but they can also occur because of poor loading of the vehicle or failure to maintain the vehicle properly.

Jack-Knife Accidents

These accidents occur when a truck skids and the attached trailer swings out to the side and forms an angle, resembling a jackknife. These accidents can be extremely dangerous to not only the vehicles around the truck but also anyone inside the cab of the vehicle.

Rear-End Accidents

It takes a tractor-trailer longer to slow down or come to a complete stop than it does other types of vehicles. A fully-loaded vehicle may have to travel up to 4 percent farther than car before it comes to a stop. Weather conditions can cause an even longer time. When this happens, any vehicle in front of them is in danger of being slammed into.

There are several causes of truck accidents that Virginia injury attorneys often see, including driver error, such as distracted driving or driver fatigue, which causes slow reaction times for the driver. Faulty brakes are another common reason for rear-end truck crashes.

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If you have suffered injuries due to a truck accident, contact a skilled Virginia truck accident attorney to discuss what legal recourse you have for your pain and loss.

One of our Virginia injury attorneys would be happy to meet with you and explain what type of financial damages you may be entitled to and who the responsible parties may be. Truck accidents can be more complex than other types of vehicle accidents and depending on the circumstances of the accident, there may be more than one party who is at fault.