Stacey Stubbs, the mother of a little girl and stepmother to two boys, was killed after being hit head-on by a 19-year-old who was texting while driving. My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs. Stubbs’ friends and family. This tragic car wreck highlights the need for strong restrictions on texting while driving.

So far, 19 states – including Virginia (VA) – have enacted laws which restrict texting while behind the wheel. Six states have taken the extra step of allowing only a hands-free device if you use a cell phone in your vehicle. Our law firm has been following the texting while driving issue for a while now and we even wrote a special, in-depth report on distracted driving (texting certainly falls under this category).  

injury, lawyer, car, accident, crash, wreck, accidents, textingIn my opinion, a nationwide restriction on texting while driving is needed along with a nationwide law requiring the use of a hands-free cell phone device if you have to use your phone when you drive. A message needs to be sent to all drivers that distracted driving is a serious safety issue and violating the new restrictions will lead to major ramifications.

Why should there be restrictions on texting while driving? Because it’s just as dangerous as drunk driving. In fact, you’re 23 times more likely to get into a serious car crash if you text and drive as opposed to if you didn’t text.

If you think texting while driving is perfectly fine and you’ll never wind up getting into a car wreck, just remember Stacey Stubbs. She lost her life due to a distracted driver who probably thought they’d never wind up killing someone with their vehicle.