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Mother Demands $53 Million in Traumatic Brain Injury Suit for Toddler

A mother in New York has filed a brain injury lawsuit on behalf of her minor child, demanding $53 million in damages from the Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center. The suit alleges that medical negligence by that health center caused the child to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and to suffer from countless, lifelong complications.

The suit states that the alleged medical negligence happened from August 2011 until February 2012. At that time, the mother was being given prenatal care, labor and delivery services at the medical center.

The plaintiff states in the lawsuit that the healthcare providers did not determine early enough that they needed to do a C section on her, and did not note the signs of fetal distress. This caused, she alleges, severe and irreversible brain damage to the child.

She also alleges that she was not diagnosed to have a high risk pregnancy, as she should have been. She noted that she should have been recommended to have bed rest and to have been monitored 24/7 at the hospital.

As we have seen in our years as TBI personal injury lawyers, the effects of brain injuries on both adults and children are devastating. Medical professionals must be held to an extremely high standard in their work, given that mistakes such as may have occurred above can be so damaging to the patient. Anyone who has experienced a TBI event in the care of a doctor should carefully examine the circumstances and potentially seek legal advice.

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