Mother, Son Injured on Norfolk Sidewalk Following Car Crash

A driver's failure to yield right of way while turning left led to two pedestrians suffering serious injuries in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), on the morning of March 8, 2016. The crash happened at the intersection of Hampton Boulevard and West 26th Street.

According to police, a man in a car collided with an oncoming Jeep while attempting to turn off the boulevard. The car then spun out of control and slammed into a mother and son who were standing on the street corner. Both the pedestrians are expected to survive. The car's driver has been cited for causing the wreck.

This accident in Norfolk proves that pedestrians are always at risk from negligent and careless drivers, even when they are just bystanders. The mother and child remained on the sidewalk, never stepping into the roadway, and still wound up hospitalized following the car crash. Drivers also far too frequently run up onto sidewalks while impaired by drugs or alcohol, swerve onto shoulders when trying to avoid obstacles, and ignore laws that require slowing down and stopping for people using crosswalks.

Further, the Norfolk pedestrian accident raises questions about holding the at-fault driver accountable for settling the victims' claims for medical expenses and other crash-related damages. Representatives from the insurance company for the car's driver may try to argue that the woman and her son somehow placed themselves in danger, thereby relieving their client of liability.
Drivers in Virginia must stay off sidewalks and yield to pedestrians already in a crosswalk, so any victim of a driver who violates those rules should seek a skilled Virginia personal injury lawyer who can ensure their rights are protected


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