Imagine driving through an intersection headed home or to work and a car barrels into you after they ran a red light. This is an all too typical car accident scenario and may people suffer serious injuries or lose their life in these wrecks.

Tragically, this scenario was displayed at the intersection of Challenger Avenue and Cloverdale Road in Roanoke, Virginia (VA). A professor at Liberty University and her 16-year-old son were killed after an SUV slammed into their vehicle. It turns out the at-fault driver of the SUV sped through a traffic light while the mother and son were making a left turn in their vehicle, according to The at-fault driver was also driving under the influence.

Another car was hit in this crash and the driver is in the hospital with very serious injuries.

 It’s so frustrating to read about these types of preventable car accidents. The at-fault driver in this accident displayed a disturbingly high level of recklessness. Not only did he wantonly disregard public safety by speeding through a red light, but he was also intoxicated. This level of carelessness is simply unacceptable.