A motorcycle rider on his morning commute was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather when his motorcycle crashed at the top of the high rise bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia (Va).  On-lookers reported seeing a motorcycle lying on the side of I-64 East, while paramedics worked on the rider.

There are no reports on the extent of the victim’s injuries or exactly how the accident happened in the first place.  However, the traffic back up has caused several other accidents, reports The Virginian-Pilot.

What we do know is, that because of the lack of shoulder on that part of the bridge, emergency crews had trouble reaching the injured man.  Please remember to obey the new “move over” law and if at all possible move out of the way of first responders.  Our thoughts go out to the rider of the bike and we hope he recovers swiftly.

I myself, always shudder and say a silent prayer when I see a motorcycle accident.  Because as many well know, Virginia motorcycle riders are far more likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) than any other type of vehicle driver.