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Motorcycle Accident Victim Saved by Brave Bystanders

In a scene that can only be described as incredible, everyday Americans are gathered around a burning BMW and as a team lifted the 4,000 pound car off an injured motorcycle dragging him to safety and saving his life. This video just has to be watched to understand the gravity of the situation. The motorcycle accident happened in Logan, Utah (UT) when a BMW slammed into the motorcycle rider.

As a Virginia (VA) motorcycle accident injury attorney it warms my heart to see so many people working together to save someone's life. The motorcycle rider was badly injured and would have surely have been burned alive while pinned under the car if not for the heroic actions of a few.

However most of the motorcycle injury cases I see do not have such a happy ending. Instead if the motorcyclist survives his injuries from the accident there is usually permanent injury. Many times the car accident is fatal for the motorcyclist. Why did the BMW run into the motorcycle in the first place? It was a simple case of not seeing the rider, we don't know if the driver was distracted or simply changed lanes without looking but many motorcycle crashes happen this way.

In Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) a recent motorcycle crash was so deadly that the victim's leg had to be amputated on scene. Catastrophic accidents like this leave victim's reeling and families trying to make sense of everything that has just happened. As a service to the public and car/truck accident injury victims we wrote an in-depth, informative book: Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia

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