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Motorcycle Rider Dies After Crash in Norfolk, VA. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys can help.

Best motorcycle accident injury attorneyA motorcycle rider sustained fatal injuries in a collision with an SUV in the West Ocean View section of Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The deadly crash occurred at the intersection of Granby Street and Tidewater Drive.  According to the police, the driver of the larger vehicle was attempting to turn left off Granby. No details on the exact cause of the crash were released to the press, but the intersection is not controlled by a stop light. Drivers turning onto Tidewater at that location have a duty to watch for and yield right of way to all approaching vehicles, bike riders and pedestrians. Investigators will no doubt look into failure to yield and distraction as explanations for the deadly accident. Other causes could include impairment by alcohol or drugs and negligence, which encompassess the all-too-common "I just never saw ..." nondefense for striking and harming motorcyclists.

The motorcycle rider initially survived the collision, but he later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. If the reconstruction of the crash shows that the SUV driver was to blame for causing the wreck, the man's family may have solid grounds for making personal injury and wrongful death claims in order to pay for medical expense and burial costs. Failing to take the necessary cautions to prevent harm to others makes a driver liable for bearing the financial burdens of the injuries.


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