Motorcycle Rider Dies After Crash With Minivan in Chesapeake

A collision between a minivan and a motorcycle in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), during the morning of October 30, 2014, left the motorcyclist dead. The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Cedar Road and Eagle Drive just before 7 am.



Police spent the next several days investigating the deadly wreck before announcing that they intended to file charges against the woman driving the minivan. No further details were released, leaving those who learned of this tragedy to wonder why the collision happened.

Common reasons a driver hits a motorcycle rider include failing to yield right of way while making a turn or entering a main road from a side street, becoming distracted and failing to notice an approaching biker, and not checking blind spots while changing lanes or merging. With Cedar Road in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake being a two-lane rural route, a head-on collision after the minivan drifted over the center line is also a possibility.

Whatever the cause, the crash may have been avoided had the at-fault driver paid more attention to sharing the road safely and respectfully, or had the driver exercised more patience and caution. Motorcycle riders have virtually no physical protection from injuries when struck by larger vehicles. Therefore, bikers depend on the skill and consideration of drivers to survive even the most routine trips to school or work on weekday mornings. The smallest lapse of attention or miscalculation by a person in a car, truck or van can prove deadly for a motorcycle rider.


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