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Motorcycle Rider Dies After Hitting Van Leaving Parking Lot


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A collision between a medical transport van and a motorcycle near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Industrial Park Drive left the motorcyclist dead in Newport News, Virginia (VA).  The motorcycle rider reportedly ran into the van as it pulled out of a gas station parking lot. The victim succumbed to his injuries before being taken to a hospital.

Police did not immediately assign blame for the deadly accident. The van driver could face charges if they violated the motorcycle rider's right of way. The gas station where the fatal wreck occurred is located on a corner controlled by a stoplight. The motorcyclist would have right of way if he passed through a green light before slamming into the van.

Evidence that the van driver was responsible for the accident would also make them potentially liable for settling a wrongful death insurance claim and paying other damages to the family of the deceased victim. The private company that employed the medical transport driver might also bear some liability if investigators find that the driver received insufficient training, was issued faulty equipment, or was required to work such long hours that their decision-making and judgment suffered.

It may be possible that the van driver simply failed to check for the approaching motorcycle. My Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney colleagues and I have helped many motorcyclists harmed by inattentive and careless drivers. No matter how often we hear an explanation that starts, "I never even saw ...," we cannot accept that as a valid excuse.


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