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Motorcyclist Injured When Cut Off on I-64 in Virginia Beach

A motorcyclist cut off in rush hour traffic on I-64 in Virginia Beach, VA, on the morning of April 25, 2014, ended up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being unable to avoid hitting the back of the car and getting ejected from his bike. Police charged the car's driver with making an improper lane change.

The accident occurred on the Twin Bridges near the interchange with I-264, and it is unclear whether the at-fault driver will face other charges for violating traffic regulations or causing injuries.



Also unclear is the nature of the injuries suffered by the motorcycle rider or whether he will make a full recovery. Considering that crush injuries, skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries commonly result when bikers get thrown from their rides, the victim of the negligent lane change likely faces a long hospitalization and an even longer period of struggling to return to full health.

The rear-end collision illustrates two things my Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I see far too often; namely, how careless some drivers are when moving from one lane to another and how easy many of those same incautious drivers find it to miss or ignore motorcycle riders.

Whenever a driver thinks about moving over or making a turn, he or she must look in every mirror, turn their head to check blind spots, and then repeat those actions. Only when a driver has made sure no motorcycles -- or other vehicles or pedestrians -- are too close, should he or she actually make the lane change or turn. Failing to do all the necessary safety checks leads to needless tragedies.


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