Charges are pending against a driver after a motorcyclist was killed in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), last week.The deadly crash occurred at the intersection of Des Moines Avenue and Portsmouth Boulevard, on Friday morning, reported.

A police investigation established that a Plymouth was heading south on Des Moines whe its driver stopped at the intersection with Portsmouth Blvd before attempting to turn left.


“At the same time, a Yamaha motorcycle approached the intersection and crashed into the Plymouth, on the driver’s side,” the report stated.

The impact left the motorcyclist into the road. He died shortly after arriving at local hospital. The driver of the Plymouth was treated at the hospital but his injuries are not believed to be of a serious nature. He may face charges.

Our thoughts are with the family of the motorcyclist after this tragic incident.

Our experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys have reported on and been involved in cases involving numerous personal injuries and fatalities of motorcycle riders.

Recently when we reported on the death of a motorcyclist from Virginia Beach, VA, we noted that motorcyclists can appear small and insignificant to other road users. All too often drivers of cars or trucks failed to see a motorcyclist before hitting them.

Sadly, as a long-term trend, motorcyclist deaths are on the rise across the country.

Although it’s not known if the Portsmouth rider was wearing a helmet, helmet use is cited as a factor influencing death rates by safety bodies.The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes Laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets are enacted  in 20 states including Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Virginia  is an “at fault’ state which means a driver who caused an accident involving a motorcycle can be held accountable for injuries and damages caused.