Motorcyclist Killed in Raleigh, NC | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

 A motorcyclist died August 3 in Raleigh, NC when a car crossed the median into his path on Interstate 540.

North Carolina State Police stated that the motorcyclist died at the scene. They noted that a 2003 Honda was driving west in I-540 when it drove into the median, through the guard wire and drove into the opposite lanes.

Speeding and alcohol have been ruled out as causes, but police continue to investigate the accident.

Motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of injury and death on the highways. Our personal injury law firm has represented many motorcycle accident victims and families over the years.

In a case in 2013, we represented a passenger on a motorcycle that was in a severe accident. A car driver did not see the motorcycle and cut in front of it. The driver of the motorcycle was experienced and tried to drive onto the shoulder, but ended up driving into a ditch, which ejected the driver and our client.


She suffered severe injuries including a C-7 transverse fracture, rib fractures, collapsed lung and head injuries, among others. The woman had a very long road to recovery that continues to this day. She also suffers from chronic nausea due to nerve damage in her abdomen. We worked for over 1.5 years on this case, and got her a settlement of $1 million from four insurance policies.


Both of these cases are a stark reminder to ALL car drivers: Be on the look out for motorcyclists at all times on the roads. Do not simply look for cars and trucks. Motorcycles are harder to see, but it is your responsibility to make sure the road is clear.