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Motorcyclist Receives $105,000 After Wreck in Virginia Beach, VA

Motorcycle accidents sometimes happen out of the blue, when there are no apparent dangers.

Take the case of my client, a motorcyclist who was riding on Newtown Road in Virginia Beach, VA, and whose injury case was recently settled for $105,000. The wreck happened in the middle of an otherwise perfect day. The sun was out, and the weather was clear. My client had no idea that he was about to be hit by a car whose driver had no regard for his safety. 

Sadly, our experienced Virginia (VA) motorcycle accident injury attorneys have reported on and represented too many clients whose lives have been wrecked by drivers who have failed to notice their motorcycles. As a result of this wreck, my client suffered a pelvic fracture. He spent several days in the local hospital and was eventually released to his home where he was required to stay on bed rest for approximately three months. 

During that time, he lost significant wages and his life was greatly impacted by his inability to participate in daily activities. Luckily, my client had the good sense to call a law firm that handles many cases for injured bikers. 

We were able to successfully settle his case within one year.  He was not required to go to court and the settlement was extremely fair given the facts surrounding his case. 

In many cases involving injuries to motorcyclists, car or truck drivers who are traveling too fast have killed or seriously injured motorcyclists. In 2009 we reported on a case in North Carolina (NC) in which a driver speeding at a staggering 100 mph swiped two motorcyclists and killed them. Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury lawyers have reported on a number of wrongful death cases in which a motorcyclist lost his or her life. Where speed or another infraction is involved the victims and their families often have a case to seek legal action.

Ofter motorcyclists can appear insignificant to other road users. In many accidents involving motorcyclists, drivers of cars or trucks have failed to see motorcyclist before a collision. In May we reported on a case in which a motorcyclist was killed in Portsmouth, VA, in a collision with a car that attempted to turn left at an intersection.

If you or anyone you know has been injured on a motorcycle please give us a call.  We have the experience to protect bikers' rights when they are hurt by negligent drivers.  


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