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Mowing Contractor Injured in Chain-Reaction Off I-81

A mowing contractor suffered serious injuries after a lumber truck blew a tire and ran off the road in a work zone along I-81 through Montgomery County, Virginia (VA), early in the morning on November 8, 2016. The driver of the flatbed truck also went to the hospital with injuries.



At around 1:30 am, according to news reports, the out-of-control lumber truck slammed into a work vehicle, which then struck the contractor who was setting up temporary traffic signs. Such a chain-reaction wreck raises multiple questions concerning who bears responsibility and whose insurance policy should pay claims for medical care cost, wages lost to disability and emotional and physical suffering.

For instance, if the blown-out tire had a design or manufacturing defect that made it unsafe, the tire maker could be held negligent and responsible for compensating the injured contractor and the injured truck driver. If, however, poor maintenance set the stage for the tire blowout, the trucking company could have insurance liability. A third, but by no means final, consideration is that the contractor could have grounds for filing an uninsured motorist claim against the company or agency that owns the unoccupied work vehicle that hit and hurt him.

Speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer will help both of the people injured in this work zone wreck off I-81 near Christiansburg understand and pursue their options for filing insurance claims.


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