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Multicar Crash in Norfolk

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WAVY reported that a four-car accident occurred on Tidewater Drive and Little Creek Road in Norfolk, Virginia last week. Rescue crews were called to secure the scene and to assist one driver who had been pinned in. 
Police believe a man lost control of his Ford Bronco, crossed over a median, and hit two cars. One of those cars then slammed into a parked car. The drivers of the three vehicles that were hit went to the hospital with injuries that were believed to be non-life-threatening. 
No further details have been released at this time and the authorities did not provide an explanation for how the man lost control of his car. While multicar accidents are more prevalent when there are severe weather conditions like snow, freezing rain, or heavy fog, drivers must be cautious on the road in all conditions to ensure their safety. Nevertheless, it is a relief to hear that there were no major injuries in this accident.  
Still, car accidents caused by chain reactions like this one can be particularly troublesome when it comes managing both injuries and the damage to each vehicle. Legally each driver wants the responsible party to cover his medical expenses and damages, but determining which driver is legally responsible or "at fault" can be difficult. Insurance companies will gather relevant information from police reports and interviews, but that does not always paint a complete or coherent picture of an accident. When insurance companies are not able to provide satisfactory relief, parties should speak with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents. 
Our clients have been extremely satisfied with our services and recognize that we care about them and not just helping them recover money as a result of an accident. If you need help covering the costs of injuries or damage to your vehicle because you have been involved in a multicar accident, contact Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan.
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