According to WSAZ, a woman was rear-ended while turning into a parking lot on Route 2 in Lesage, WVa.

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The accident occurred on April 3, 2012. Three cars were involved in the accident and two people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. Route 2 was shut down temporarily, but is now open.

We hope that the injuries were not serious and that the victims have a full and quick recovery. A common type of injury that results from a rear-end car wreck is chronic neck and back pain. Read here about the damages that were awarded to a rear-end accident victim represented by a law firm that practices in Virginia and West Virginia.

When multiple cars are involved in an accident such as this one, it can be difficult to determine which driver actually caused the car accident. Sometimes one driver is to blame for the damage and injuries caused to everyone, but other times, more than one driver is at fault. While the details are sorted out by the investigators, those who were injured should contact an experienced Virginia car accident law firm. Attorneys with these firms have extensive knowledge about how to handle rear-end car crashes that included multiple cars.