Two vehicles (an Acura and a Toyota SUV) carrying multiple teenagers were traveling down Norwood Road in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC). That’s when havoc ensued. The driver of the Acura crossed the center line and crashed head on into the Toyota SUV. The Acura had five people in the vehicle and the Toyota had four people.

The 16-year-old driver of the Acura was reportedly going around a curve on Norwood Road when he went off the side of the road and over corrected. Speed was a factor in the wreck, according to

Three victims, all teenage girls, were thrown from the Acura and landed in a yard across the street. The four people in the SUV had to be taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The driver of the Acura was ticketed for speeding. Police also discovered that the teenage driver of the Acura only had a graduated license that did not allow him to have people in the car.

This unfortunate wreck is a prime example of a teenage driver who simply was not ready to handle the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. 

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