A private ferry called “Adventure” ran aground near the mouth of the Cape Fear River off Bald Head Island. Reports indicate that 14 passengers suffered injuries as a result of this incident.  One of the passengers had to be airlifted from the scene due to the severity of their injuries.    Our sympathies go out to all of the injured victims in this ferry accident. Just imagine, in the blink of an eye, their lives were turned upside down. And, it appears some of these victims suffered extensive injuries that may take months, weeks, or even years to fully recover, if ever. 

Image courtesy of PzFeed via Twitter @pzfeed

 The 64-foot ferry was carrying at least 30 people at the time it ran aground, according to wbtw.com.  Numerous questions surround this incident. The most pressing – what exactly caused the ferry to run aground? Was the ferry operator not paying attention? Was there a mechanical issue? We will have to wait and see what the Coast Guard report reveals.  

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