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Multivehicle Crash in Chesterfield, VA Kills 1, Injures 3

Three people suffered injuries and one woman lost her life when five vehicles became involved in a series of rear-end collisions in Chesterfield County, Virginia (VA), on September 12, 2015. The multivehicle chain-reaction crash occurred on Route 288 near the interchange with Courthouse Road in an area southwest of Richmond.



The deadly incident began when the teenaged driver of a Ford Taurus lost control of her car and came to rest after crashing into a guardrail. The driver of a following pickup truck stopped and got out of his truck to render assistance, and his vehicle got rear-ended by a Toyota sedan. The impact of that collision pushed the pickup into the Ford and injured the Good Samaritan, his passenger and the driver of the Ford. The woman behind the wheel of the Toyota died at the scene.

A final rear-end collision occurred between two cars that stopped in time to avoid the existing wreckage. Neither of the drivers of those vehicles sustained injuries.

News reports do not include details on why the first driver ran out of control or why the person driving the Toyota could not stop or pass without slamming into the pickup. Finding answers to those questions could be essential to allowing the injured people and the family of the deceased woman to file and collect on insurance claims. The individuals determined not to be at fault for causing the crashes would have strong grounds for seeking compensation and damages from the policies of the at-fault driver or drivers.

The crash also highlights the dangers Good Samaritans and emergency responders face when helping car crash victims. Anyone approaching an accident scene should slow down and move as far over as safely possible.


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