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Multivehicle Crash in Fayetteville Kills 5, Injures 3

Three vehicles were involved in a Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC), crash that claimed five lives and left three people hospitalized with serious injuries. The deadly wreck occurred near the intersection of Cliffdale Road and Lynhurst Drive on the evening of June 29, 2016.



The police investigation into the fatal crash continued through the following day. Witness accounts indicate one driver set off a chain-reaction by entering the intersection unexpectedly. That bad merge caused a second driver to change lanes unsafely and cross the center line of the road. After entering the path of oncoming traffic, the second driver hit the third vehicle, That head-on collision caused the death of a young mother of three, who multiple news outlets identified as Shannah Lee Botts.

The identities of the other deceased victims were not made publically available. Two of the drivers survived the crash in Fayetteville, but it is unclear if either will face charges. If the eyewitness descriptions are supported by an official crash reconstruction, one or both men would likely have responsibility for settling wrongful death claims filed by the family of the woman who was killed and from the survivors of the of the other people killed.

Determining liability in multivehicle wrecks is always difficult. Did the driver who failed to yield right of way legally cause the death of the woman driving the third vehicle? Should the man at the wheel of the second vehicle be held accountable for causing a death when he was acting to save his own life? How should liabilities for the near-collision involving only the first two vehicles be assigned? Consulting with an experienced Carolina wrongful death attorney and personal injury lawyer could help victims and their family members figure out how to answer these and other tough questions.


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