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Murder Mystery: Defective Air Bag Found to Be Culprit

Homicide detectives in Orlando, Florida searched for clues in an apparent stabbing.  The apparent crime was the cause of death for a woman found in her vehicle following a car accident.  Then an unlikely breakthrough arrived in the mail a week after she died from her injuries. It was a letter from Honda urging her to get her red Accord fixed, because of faulty air bags that could explode.

“The air bag,” said Tina Tran, the victim’s twin sister. “They said it was the air bag.” When Ms. Tran crashed her car, the air bag, instead of protecting her, appeared to have exploded and sent shrapnel flying into her neck, the Orange County sheriff’s office said.  Now more than 4.7 million vehicles have been recalled, many of them in areas where high humidity is believed to contribute to the problem.   This recall involves airbags in which the inflators can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed in crashes. 

As Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys we’re troubled by how long it has taken car manufacturers to address this problem as the defect has been known about for some time.  In March 2013 Honda settled with a Henrico, Virginia (VA) family over the death of a woman who was killed instantly when her air bag exploded in her face after a minor traffic accident.  Currently the recalls are being done on a regional basis which doesn't seem sufficient because cars could be driven to, or people could move to the high-humidity states. 


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