What Happened: wbtw.com reports that a tragic accident in Myrtle Beach, S.C., has claimed the lives of one passenger and injured two others. The accident occurred late at night at the intersection of South Kings Highway and Farrow Parkway, when an intoxicated driver ran a stoplight and collided with another vehicle on the road. The impaired driver’s passenger was killed at the scene, while two other passengers in his car were taken to the hospital for injuries. The driver, who reportedly admitted to being at-fault in the crash, was charged with three separate counts of felony DUI.

Here is a map of the location of the fatal accident, at the corners of South Kings Highway and Farrow Parkway:

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We see too many types of these accidents every day: a driver who is too impaired to be driving gets behind the wheel, drives recklessly and injures or claims the life of his or her passengers or other motorists. Because drunk or intoxicated driving is completely preventable—all one needs to do is simply not drive—these types of crashes are amongst the most tragic and frustrating. Our deepest sympathies are with the victims in this accident, particularly the loved ones of the passenger who was killed.

For those injured in this accident, and for anyone who has been injured by a drunk lawyer, you should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer, who will be able to help you determine the full amount of legal compensation and redress to which you are entitled. Because drunk driving is so serious and irresponsible, our personal injury law firm does not help drunk drivers—we sue them. Bringing motorists who drive while intoxicated to justice is critically important, for they should not have been on the road in the first place.