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N.C. Highway Patrol Offers Winter Weather Driving Advice

What happened:

The winter weather in North Carolina can be unpredictable and drivers should be ready for whatever Mother Nature coats the roads with - black ice, snow, icy rain or sleet. The North Carolina Highway Patrol is urging drivers to be prepared for winter driving weather.

They suggest that before you begin your travels, make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas in case you become stranded for an extended period of time. Also, make sure your cell phone is fully charged, keep a blanket in the car and always let someone know of your travel plans.

When bad weather is predicted, the Highway Patrol recommends delaying your travel plans. If you still need to venture out, they advise you leave earlier in order to allow yourself enough time to safely arrive at your destination. Decrease your speed and increase the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you – it takes significantly longer to stop on snow covered or icy roadways. It’s important to make sure that all windows are cleared of snow and headlights illuminated. And drivers should avoid using cruise control, which can cause the vehicle's wheels to continue turning on a slippery surface when speed needs to be decreased. And always remember to buckle up.


North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

Drivers can check the status of North Carolina’s roads by going to the Department of Transportation's website.  If you are involved in a minor, non-injury traffic collision, you should attempt to move your vehicle out of the roadway, especially if you are in a dangerous area such as a curve or a blind hill. 

We've reported many past incidents where drivers ignored dangerous road conditions - with tragic consequences: Speeding Driver Loses Control and Crashes into Store in Ashe County, NCIcy Roads Contribute to Multiple AccidentsSafety a Top Concern after Deadly Carolina Snow Storm. Yet people still continue to take risks in winter driving conditions.

Vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, which just are not built to drive in winter weather, contribute to making hazardous driving conditions even more dangerous, as described in this report I wrote describing my family’s experience on the road during a blizzard, Why Are Any Tractor-Trailers on the Road in a Blizzard Anyway?


North Carolina Highway Patrol District Headquarters

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