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NASCAR Racer Driving While Intoxicated Placed on Probation After North Carolina Rear-end

NASCAR placed a Rusty Wallace racing driver on probation after the Nationwide Series racer was arrested on charges of driving with a blood alcohol level four times above the legal limit, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

The racer was evaluated by a substance abuse professional and subjected to random alcohol and drug tests. According to police reports, the racer rear-ended a car stopped at a red light in Mooresville, NC, on a Sunday morning in February 2011. The racer registered a blood alcohol content of .32, and charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to reduce speed, texting while driving and resisting a public officer.

Wallace placed the racer on a zero-tolerance alcohol policy that required community service and alcohol awareness sessions, but did not suspend the racer because he did not want to put employees out of work. Pilot Travel Centers sponsored the racer's car, and his team would have been let go if there was no sponsor without the racer.

The car wreck was a stark reminder of how drunk driving can affect not only families and friends of accident victims, but also the working community. The family or friends of the accident victims might have to file a wrongful death case with the assistance of Virginia personal injury lawyers against the responsible parties in order to get justice for the pain they suffered.

A car crash caused by a drunk driver can be a life-altering event that may never fully be put in the past. In a split moment, a person can be dead or seriously injured for life. To learn more about what to do if you or a loved one is hurt in a car accident, check out our Frequently Asked Questions devoted to the subject.

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