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Injuries, Chemical Spill Result From Reckless Driving in Craven County, NC

A three-vehicle wreck at the foot of Neuse River Bridge in Craven County, North Carolina (NC), injured at least one driver and caused potassium chloride and diesel to spill onto the roadway. The accident, according to a NC Highway Patrol Trooper, happened when the driver of a small passenger car pulled into the path of, and hit, a F-150 pickup truck. This caused the car's driver, who is from New Bern to lose control and crash into a fertilizer truck.

The driver of the small passenger car was charged with careless and reckless driving.

This crash illustrates the damage that can occur in a car or truck accident. Someone's life is at risk when people do not pay attention to their driving. North Carolina ranks in the top 10 for truck crashes. Always drive defensively.

As personal injury attorneys practicing in North Carolina and Virginia (VA), my colleagues and I have handled many car and truck accidents that occurred on busy highways and streets. To cite just one example, in Brunswick County Circuit Court in Virginia during February 2007, one of our attorneys, John C., settled a case involving two big rigs colliding. Our client, who ad been driving a big rig with double trailers, clipped the left rear corner of a stopped vehicle when a third truck passed him in the left-hand lane. A huge fireball exploded, and our client ejected from his rig. Our client suffered broken bones and had serious gastroentrological and urological issues stemming from the crash. He could not return to his old job as a truck driver. At mediation, the case settled for $450,000 paid by the parked truck's insurance, plus additional monies and concessions from the client's workers' compensation insurer.

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