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NC Car Crash Takes Lives of Two Teens, Injures Three Others

What Happened:

Two North Carolina teens were tragically killed when the car they were riding in left the road and hit a tree on July 9, 2012. The car accident occurred on NC 41, just south of Fairmont, NC. The driver and two other passengers were also injured. Police do not think alcohol was a factor and the car was traveling at the legal speed limit when it left the road. While it wasn’t raining at the time, the pavement was wet.

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The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Our hearts go out to all of the teens’ families, especially those who lost their sons, brothers, or nephews in the crash. We hope that those who were injured have a full and quick recovery. While speed and alcohol have been ruled out as factors, one still wonders what would cause the car to leave the roadway. Investigators will likely continue to determine whether or not there was a mechanical issue or if the driver was distracted while driving and lost control of the car. A North Carolina car accident attorney can keep on top of the facts as they develop and handle necessary insurance or legal paperwork so the families have more time to be together and begin to heal.

Potentially Helpful Info:

In this type of situation, the decision to file a claim can be difficult because the driver of the car was a friend of all of the victims. This information from our NC personal injury firm explains why it is ok and what will most likely happen.

Have Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQs:

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car crash, these answers to many frequently asked car accident questions can provide helpful information before you contact a NC car accident attorney.




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