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NC Man Killed After Logging Truck Runs Out of Control

A pickup truck driver lost his life in Gaston County, North Carolina (NC), after colliding with logs spilled from an overturned flatbed trailer truck. The fatal February 22, 2016, head-on collision occurred just north of the South Carolina border on Ferguson Ridge Road.



Investigators determined that the logging truck driver lost control of his big rig when he rounded a corner along the rural highway. He first crossed the center line, then overcorrected his steering, ran onto the shoulder and overturned. Very soon after that, the man in the pickup arrived. He was unable to see the obstacles in the roadway in time to stop or drive around the logs.

The deceased victim appears to have died instantly on impact. The logging truck operator survived with injuries and will face charges. Unclear from news reports is whether police have accused the commercial truck driver with directly causing the other man's death. That determination may depend, in part, on whether the trucker behaved recklessly before losing control and on precisely how much time passed between the logs spilling into the road and the arrival of the pickup.

What cannot be debated is that the man in the smaller vehicle would almost definitely have reached his destination alive and unharmed if the logging truck driver had navigated the curve cautiously. Commercial drivers have high legal duties to maintain control because even small errors, short periods of distraction or minor misjudgments can create deadly dangers.


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