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NC Moped Rider Injured in Bus Crash

A man who ran into a CATS bus while riding his moped in Pineville, North Carolina (NC), suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. No one abroad the bus as hurt, according to

The wreck occured on South Boulevard at the onramp to I-485 East in shortly after the bus driver had made a left-hand turn onto the ramp. Police say the moped rider hit the bus on its right side but were continuing to investigate the crash.

Moped accidents often result in personal injuries. Because mopeds are smaller than cars and buses, and riders are exposed when they collide with other vehicles, riders at high risk for sustainig brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. Deaths are not uncommon. The moped rider involved in this accident was lucky he came out in fair condition. 

In a moped accident, damages the injured person or loved ones can recover in a personal or wrongful death lawsuit against an at-fault driver include

           Medical care costs

           Loss of earnings

           Loss of companionship

           Emotional distress

           Psychological counseling

           Property damage



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