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NC Tow Truck Driver Crashes Into Building After Medical Emergency

Sadly, some North Carolina truck accidents are caused when the driver of the truck suffers a medical emergency, such as a seizure, stroke, heart attack, or other problem that prevents them from properly steering or stopping their vehicle. This was the case this past week when an NC truck driver had a medical emergency and crashed his truck into a building.

Police say that 48-year-old Durward Whitehead Sr., of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, was driving a tow truck in Chesapeake when the vehicle suddenly served, lost control, and drove into a building in the Western Branch area of the city. Because of the circumstances of the case, police believe that Whitehead, who died at a nearby hospital in the hours after the NC truck accident, suffered from a medical issue in the moments before the crash.

Luckily, the building that the truck crashed into was closed at the time of the accident and no one else was injured in the tow truck accident.
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