A truck accident on Interstate 77 may have been caused by a gust of wind or by a mechanical failure. North Carolina State Trooper J.S. Martin investigated the scene, talked with the truck driver, and did not issue a citation for the one-vehicle big rig crash on Sunday evening.

According to truck driver 32-year-old Orville Berg, he was driving his tractor-trailer 2009 Freightliner near Exit 49 and the bridge when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle for unknown reasons. The truck ran off of the right side of the road, struck a guardrail, and then came to a stop. Although there is no way to prove that the truck suffered from a gust of wind or a mechanical problem, the trucker escaped the big rig accident with no tickets and only minor bumps and bruises. Martin said that the trucker was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that the data in his trucking log was legitimate.

Wind can often be a problem for truckers, especially on or near bridges.