There are a number of common reasons that truck accidents and truck accident injuries take place in North Carolina. While some of these accidents are the fault of the truck drivers and truck companies involved, other truck accidents take place because other vehicles on the road aren’t aware of the dangers of trucks.

The North Carolina Trucking Association reaches out to everyday drivers in an attempt to educate everyone on the road about the dangers of truck and truck blind spots. Currently, members of the North Carolina Road Team are active throughout the state in spreading the word about how to drive safely around tractor-trailers and how to stay out of trucking blind spots. The group was formed 15 years ago in an effort to reduce the number of NC truck accidents and NC truck accident fatalities.

According to the N.C. Trucking Association, up to three out of four truck accidents in North Carolina are caused when a car is now aware of a trucker’s blind spots. Because of a truck’s size and length, cars can disappear from a truck driver’s view much more easily than if he were driving a standard-sized vehicle. During North Carolina Road Team demonstrations, NC truck drivers allow regular drivers to sit in the cab of a commercial truck and experience the road from their perspective. Many of the drivers are surprised by what they see – and what they can’t see.

Working in tandem with the truckers, the North Carolina Highway Patrol has been targeting both dangerous truckers and dangerous drivers though the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks program.