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NCDOT Killed by Impaired Driver on U.S. 70 Near Goldsboro

A North Carolina Department of Transportation engineering technician lost his life after getting struck by an SUV on U.S. 70 near Goldsboro, NC. The fatal collision occured on the westbound side of the highway at the Capps Bridge Road interchange. The deceased victim had been working on the concrete median when the at-fault driver lost control of her vehicle and ran up onto the raised lane diver.



Police responding to the deadly crash charged the woman behind the wheel of the SUV with driving while impaired, causing a death while operating a motor vehicle and endangering the young children who were her passengers at the time the wreck occurred. News reports did not indicated whether the woman was drunk or drugged, but using alcohol, certain prescription medications such as sleep aids and opioid painkillers, and illegal drugs can all make controlling a car, truck or SUV impossible.

In reporting the avoidable tragedy, television station WRAL noted that the Monday on which the deadly crash happened marked the beginning of National Work Zone Awareness Week, The event, which the Virginia DOT is coordinating in 2015, exists to remind drivers of their responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of road crew members, emergency responders and law enforcement officials whose jobs require them to risk their lives fixing roads, ensuring public safety and assisting motorists.

Almost every state has adopted so-called move over laws to create penalties for drivers who do not slow down or change lanes to give people in work zone safety buffers of time and space. Such regulations have no teeth, however, when drivers ignore even greater possible consequences of driving while drunk or stoned. The death of the NCDOT employee outside of Goldsboro shows in the worst way imaginable what can go wrong when an impaired driver enters a work zone.

My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I send our deepest condolences out to the friends and family members of the deceased victim.


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