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Negligent Left Turn Set Off Chain of Crashes in Hampton, VA

Two people suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment in a string of traffic accidents that began with a poorly executed left turn in Hampton, Virginia (VA). The series of events took place at the intersection of Armistead Avenue and Mercury Boulevard on March 10, 2015.



According to the Daily Press, "Witnesses told police the Ford turned from southbound Armistead Avenue onto Mercury Boulevard and then hit [one] car. The truck continued eastbound, and minutes later lost control, and flipped over into the Langley Square shopping center parking lot." After entering the parking lot, the pickup also smashed into a parked vehicle whose driver became trapped.

It is unclear whether the pickup truck driver was attempting to flee the scene of the initial collision or if the person simply could not maintain control. What is known is that both the turning driver and the individual in the parked car sustained serious injuries. The investigation into the wreck continued throughout the day.

The incident highlights how careful any driver attempting to turn across traffic must be. Even if the person behind the wheel of the pickup had a green turn arrow, he or she should have checked to ensure no one else had entered the intersection. Erring on the side of caution is the wise choice whenever it appears adequate time and space may not exist to avoid a crash.

At the same time, if the first car hit by the pickup ran a red light to go straight or made a legal right on red without yielding to vehicles with a green light, then that driver bears responsibility. Again, there are many risks inherent in left turns for every driver on the road


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